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Kashfia...don't worry about what happened today (about me not wanting to come over to your place). I got kind of paranoid and thought my parents were planning to ask you something about me or whatever, and I freaked out, and I didn't want to come over just to be the spotlight of whatever my parents were planning.


I got new lip gloss. I couldn't open the lip gloss. Neither could Linda. Neither could the cashier...and the other cashier. So we had to waste 15 minutes returning it... :| (Linda, it's actually very good!) It's ice cream flavoured! :D :D :D :D

The Hills Have Eyes...Advice: don't watch it. Seriously. Or, don't watch it while you're eating pop corn...omfg. It was soooo scary. I think I ripped Linda's arm off. Seriously. It was soooo fucking scary. There was this scary scene...and half the popcorn literally flew out of the bag cause I got scared. Holy shit. It was...very scary.

Saw Hamel. Apparently he was working.

Saw Nayeon. Linda saw an old friend from 8th grade.

My hair felt like shit today cause I ran out of Physique! I was so mad.

Took pictures. The first one actually came out good! Haha.

...must get back to homework. Omfg. I can't do my fucking ISU's.
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Ice cream flavoured lipgloss is always the bomb! especially chocolate flavoured ice cream flavoured lipgloss! im not making much with the sense right now so... i hope you enjoyed your shopping!
yeaahhh! i bought cookie dough lip lipgloss.. i fee l like bittin my lips off. mmm i shall get high off it now
ye, well just dont try to light it because the feel of melting plastic on your lips is painful.
wtf ew
i love pain! LOL!
where oh where are the pics?
i have the pics :D :D
but i wanna seeeee!!!!!
one pic.... im grabbin tash boobs :D
U make me wanna CUM to Canada for sure now..
*gettin' tix and VISA ready*
hahahaha if you come tashnia will bring you to tim hortons!
totally! and then we can have iced caps! :D
what so you had to return it?!
oh and i'm reading "what gloria wants" and they mentioned tim hortons and i think WOAH WHAT! so i look at where it's pub. and it says CANADA!! lmfao i thought of you!! haha
LOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah! its canadian! lol! haha.

and yeah, i had to go back and return the lip gloss and get another one, haha. it was sooo gay.
your gay! lol.. so sad how the lady opened it wen u just opened other lip gloss (which u struggled as well)
hahahaha! i know! that was so dry. lol.