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K, I got absolutely no sleep last night because I was shit scared about that movie I saw and I thought if I closed my eyes to get some sleep

1. Those things from the movie would come and eat me alive (because they were cannibles); or

2. They would rape me and I would end up pregnant with disfigured children.


Navila's this Saturday! Yay! I'm going to get a copy of that prank calling conversation thing we recorded, lol.

Homework is...not going very well. I'm fucking freaking out mannnnnn. I'll get it done though. I hope.

Today was such a gorgeous day; I just wanted to strip naked, go outside, and run down the streets in my bra and underwear. Don't ask me how I would still have my bra and underwear on if I stripped naked...

Yes. That was graphic and uncalled for.

But oh well.
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