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Today was awesome!!!!!!!!

Kashfia and I got into the talent show for FREEEEE!!! Thank god we didn't waste 5 bucks on the tickets though. Anyway, what happened was, we 'borrowed' two tickets from our friends and told our teacher that we had tickets for the show, and at first, we thought he had a list of our names or something like that, or whatever, and we totally freaked out. But in the end, the teacher believed us and let us go and we got into the talent show. Haha. It was sooo cool. Oh, the talent show was pretty lame though. Only two of the nine acts were worth my precious time :D


Anyway...you know what's funny? I have a digital camera and I don't use it. Is that weird or is that retarded? Don't answer that. I think it's because my cousins fucked around with my camera and screwed up the flash and now I don't like my camera anymore :|

I'll bring it tomorrow for the law trip...

Oh yeah...law trip...

7:45 am tomorrow...THE HORROR!!!!!!! I don't even WAKE up at that time! God!


Oh yeah: Today I made macaroni. It tasted good :D
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