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I was coming home from school today listening to Michael Jackson and then some woman stops me and hands me a card, and I was like...okay. And I read it:

I have 5 children and no food. My husband is dead. Please give me some money. God bless you.

And I was like :|

At first I didn't know what that meant (yes I know I'm retarded). She didn't know English that well. She was standing in front of a mosque and she had a scarf on her head and everything...so I assumed it was some religious...thing. Anyway, so I kinda asked her what she wanted me to do...and she wanted money. And I had none. So I gave her three bus tickets...and I said I'd be back with more money because I lived like, 4 seconds away from where she was standing.

I told my mom and she got scared. She brought $10 but she wanted the woman to go in the building lobby and the woman didn't so I gave her 4 more bus tickets.

Then she told me to tell my mom to buy her some fruits...

Anyway, my I went to my mom and she got kinda pissed because she thought the woman was lying and she also thought she was greedy. My mom was like how she shouldn't have taken all my bus tickets even though I gave them to her...

Oh well.

I still feel bad for not being able to help out as much as I wanted to.

Came home finally...ate macarnoi salad...watched something on TV...went to bed...woke up at 11...and here I am...on the computer.

God, does anyone know any good songs?? (Upbeat/fast kinda songs...you know...ones I can dance to in front of the mirror or in the bathroom when no one's watching...)

...I am bored.

Oh, sorry I didn't call you back Linda. It was 11 PM and I just thought...haha.
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