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I am so pissed!

Well not really.

Just a few weeks ago, she told me that we could be very good friends because we are "similar", only if I don't betray her. I think she was referring to what happened during Xmas last year, with the betray thing. Anyways, I was kinda like...k, why bring that up? 'Course, I didn't say that out loud.

Anyyyyways...on Friday, she asked me to go home with her...using her route. And I didn't. Because I didn't want to. But I told her because I had to go with my friends. And she got mad. Like literally. And that day, I was kinda annoyed with everything myself, so I just didn't give a fuck, and I left her there, and I just went home with Kashfia and Hardi. I said I would call her but I didn't...

Moving on, today in law, we were told to get into groups. So I turned around because she sits behind me, and she's like "I'm already in a group of 4" and I was kinda like...wtf. She's my "friend"...it is common sense to be in the same group with your "friend".

So I went around the class looking for a group...everyone had a group already. So I had to go to the teacher and be like "I don't have a group". That was embarrassing. But I got into a good group in the end.

So at lunch, she comes up to me, and she's like "are you mad?" and I was like no, and then she asks me to sit and eat lunch with her.

Omfg. I almost laughed. I think. I think even Kashfia almost laughed.

Bitch, I am not your slave.

I'm sorry, but if we didn't get along last year, and it's only been like, two months, and we're still not getting along, lets NOT be friends.

No offence, if she still thinks I'm her "friend", then clearly, God, or the whatever supernatural being exists, forgot to install a brain into her head.

Am I making a big deal out of this? Lol. Oh well.

Speaking of law...I have to do that law thing.

Job-hunting tomorrow. Yay? I hope I get hired sommmmeeeewhhherrreee.
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