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I am stressed out to the maxxxxxx...well not really.

I was when I came home from school though! I have a physics assignment due tomorrow, a philosophy thing due tomorrow, AND A TEST! I'm going to die!

Studied, talked on the phone, studied, watched TV for ten minutes, studied for another five minutes, got tired so here I am...

Anyway. I talked to the Ottawa-Guy. He wanted to tell me some stuff...and he did. Apparently I'm one of the only people that know about it. And he stills likes me. Apparently I 'swept him off his feet' :S

But I don't feel the same way. He kept saying how he screwed things up. I kept saying he didn't. But he did. His loss. Haha. Omfg, Im such a bitch. Anyway, he told me yesterday that he wanted to ask me to be his 'girlfriend' this Friday...ONLY if we didn't have THAT conversation three weeks ago, the one where we sort of had a fight. Annnnnd plus I told him how I feel about him.

I just laughed. And today he was like how he really wants to see a movie with me...alone. I don't know...I don't think that's a good idea. I mean, I know we're just friends...but....nah...

I think I offered him little hope though...I was like "maybe...later...VERY VERY VERY later..." but I don't think I should have said that. Now he'll think he has another chance, which he doesn't. Or at least I don't want to give him like a THIRD chance...*sigh*

I HATE BOYS!!! Now I understand why so many girls say that.

And the guy that likes me...doesn't smell like chicken curry after all...and ya know...he's actually sorta cute :D

OMFG!!! HE GOT A 98 IN CALCULUS LAST YEAR!!!! LIKE...TURN ON!!!! Sorry, I like smart guys...haha. 

He can help me with physics at lunch!

I SORT of talked to him today...

Do I like him? ...well...I think he's sorta cute...so I don't know...

Anyway...I feel so bad for Michael :( I know we've only known each other for....5 weeks? But still! Apparently he and his girlfriend broke up over the weekend...because she was playing around :( And she's pregnant too! With some other guy's child. And he lost his MP3 today! He had suuuuuch a bad day today. Awwwww.Then Liss ended up telling him how she liked him for like a week and apparently this other guy likes him too. That made him feel better...a LITTLE bit.

Anyway...back to work for me. I hate school. School is gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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