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We had a heinous fight over the phone last night.

It was an hour and 30 minutes long. Well actually, the first 30 minutes went really well. We were talking about how "fun" Friday was. And then he mentioned stuff I didn't want him to mention...AGAIN!!!! WTF?!

That one line ticked me offfffff soooooooooo badly. 

Then he was like "I'm blocking you on MSN right now, as we speak", and I was like "NO YOU BITCH! I'M BLOCKING YOU FIRST YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" 


Anyway, the point is, I deleted the jackass off my phonebook, blocked him on MSN, and told him if he ever called me that I'd kick his fucking ass. 

I AM waiting for an apology. But I'm not going to accept it though. Yes I know I'm a bitch. 

Anyway, this time, its over, over, OVER. There wasn't anything to begin with (I didn't want anything to start), but he sorta wanted to force things to happen. If he thinks I'm someone who has no self-respect + value + confidence, then he can kiss my brown naked ass man.

Mikey called him at lunch to mess around with the jackass, and made that noise from The Grudge, and I fell down laughingggggggg.

On a happier note...


This will give me time to finish my philosophy + family studiesssssssssss.

K, I'm out! :D

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