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Don't be alarmed if I suddenly make this journal friends-only and delete many of you from my friends list. I'm planning to just delete the people on my friends list that I actually know in person...I just feel that everything about me is becoming kind of 'public'. I feel like people are 'spying' on me just for the sake of gossip or knowing stuff about me. I love gossip, but not when I'm the person people are talking about.


Anyways. Came home at like 5:15. Parents were arguing and being gay with each other. Got pissed. Went outside. Came home at like 6:30. "Started" homework. Didn't get very far with it.

Now I feel moody.

I feel like killing my dad because he's screaming and yelling like a fucking girl about god-knows-what. I don't even know who he's talking to. I think he's complaining about his job or something.

My mom is such a dumb ass. She doesn't know peoples' limits. Not mine, not my brother's, not my dad's. She's a fucking idiot. She needs to die.

I felt weird yesterday at like, 9 or something.

God, I can't waittttt to get out of this place. I don't care if I'm a few credits short for high school or if I flunk a course or something. I'm just going to drop out and get on with life as a garbage man/woman or whatever. I'll become a fucking prostitute and make money. I'll sell drugs. I don't care.


On second thought...I'm doing pretty well in school...why the sudden discouragement? God.

I'm good now :D

Fat-free chocolate pudding makes everything better.

Oh fuck...I have to memorize those gay lines...
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